1. Unight Events is a speed dating and singles events organizer and promoter. Our goal is to help single people meet other singles in a fun, safe and secure environment. Unight Events does not verify the personal information of its participants such as the marital status or any other aspect of their personal life. Participants are responsible for their own safety and should proceed with caution when meeting new people at our events, or following our events.

2. Our events are strictly for adults (18 years old and over). Any false representation from a client of Unight Events will result in the cancellation of his or her ticket to the event and the client will have to leave the event immediately.

3. Unight Events does not discriminate or select participants registering to its events. By purchasing a ticket to one of Unight Events’ events, you agree that you cannot hold Unight Events or any of its representatives responsible for any damages directly or indirectly resulting from an encounter or a discussion with other participants during one of our events. Unight Events holds no responsibility for the outcome of any relationship that may or may not arise between you and another person that you might meet through a Unight Events Speed Dating event.

4. Photographs at events: Unight Events sometimes takes photographs for publicity purposes. These images may appear in our printed publications, member newsletters, social media and on our website. Unight Events will ask you to provide permission before we use your image(s) taken at events in publicity material (newsletter, web page, powerpoints, etc). NAMES WILL NOT BE USED.

5. Refunds: If you have booked into an event you are not eligible for a refund under any circumstances. But if you provide us with at least 4 days notice we will be able to move you to another event, or reinstate your credit so that you can accept future invitations at no extra charge. If you do not show up for a date once you have confirmed that you will attend, your registration fee is forfeited.

6. Event cancellations: Our clients’ satisfaction is important to us therefore from time to time an event may be cancelled by Unight Events with a reasonable notice. Speed dating relies on there
being an equal number of men and women; if there is a significant difference in the number of men and women, or there just aren’t enough people overall, then we prefer to cancel the event.
Under those circumstances tickets will be reimbursed to the client without any penalty.

7. Warning: Unight Events reserves the right to refuse access to anyone to enter or participate to one of our events, regardless of the reason. In the event that access is refused, the participant will have to leave immediately and will be reimbursed for his or her ticket.